Holistic Spa & Wellness Retreats

There are spa retreats… and there is Blue Heaven, a wellness spa in the North Carolina peaks. Our massage therapists combine ancient and contemporary massage techniques to give you the ultimate luxury experience. Enjoy the fragrance of all-natural Ayurvedic oils and the fresh mountain breeze as you relax to the singing of birds and soothing music. The Blue Heaven Spa is a destination spa retreat and great getaway, with a full spectrum of spa services, as stimulating and healing as the surrounding mountains.

Treatments to Balance Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

Spa is about balance and maintenance. There are not many other experiences in life that can be as interactive and personal as a spa experience.
Touch is powerful.
Bearing that in mind, our goal is to be as sincere as possible with our treatments and interactions. Therapists are here to encourage growth, relieve stress on the body, and open minds

Who We Are

We are a spa that utilizes the best possible combination of spa offerings; Ayurvedic and Holistic Spa Treatments.

How Can We Help You?: Consultation-Based Appointments

Just like you, our therapists are unique in their skills and passions. Our goal is to offer our guests the best of what each of our therapists brings to the table.This is why all treatments are preceded  by an in-depth consultation followed by a treatment that the therapist feels best balances you.

Policy: How Much Time Do You Have to Spend with Us?

All prices are based on time: 30min=$55    60min=$110   90min=$160   120min=$200

Ayurvedic Spa

Address 5 of your vital energy points — your scalp, hands and feet. This treatment helps to replenish you physically and emotionally.

“Enjoy one of the world’s oldest massage therapy techniques.  Warm oil to suit your body type is rhythmically massaged into your body loosening toxins, relaxing the nervous system, and providing profound rest, nourishment and rejuvenation to the body, mind and spirit.”

Shila Abhyanga is an ancient practice of utilizing hot basalt stones on core centers of your body to promote healing and longevity by releasing tension and connecting the flow of prana (vital energy) throughout the body, bringing balance on the physical and emotional levels. It stimulates the circulatory system, softens and relaxes muscles, helps to release toxins, induces a state of deep relaxation, and relieves pain and muscle spasms. And is a deeper massage due to the use of hot basalt stones during the treatment.

Netra Tarpana is the act of bathing the eyes in ghee(clarified butter), it nourishes, strengthens and helps to detoxify the eyes thereby relieving tiredness, excess fiery emotions and also improves eyesight.  It is highly recommended for people who regularly work at computers, operate machinery, drive for long periods or anyone who is currently suffering from tired, aching and sore eyes. 

Shirodhara is a continuous pouring of warm oil in a slow steady stream on the forehead that helps to pacifiy the subtle aspects of the doshas, nourishes the nervous system, promotes relaxation and tranquility, improves mental clarity and comprehension. When done in a series, it can help with various neurological and mental imbalances as well. Because of the profound effects it has upon the consciousness, it has often been called “Bliss Therapy.”

Its benefits are greatly enhanced after a therapeutic massage or Abhyanga (Ayurvedic warm oil massage), when the body is already relaxed and in a very receptive state.

Marma stimulates specific energy points that rejuvenates the vital organs of the body, settles the nervous system, and pacifies the doshas.  Includes the Marma facial treatment that helps to relieve tension.  Regarded by Sri Sri as the most restorative treatment for the body and mind.

A combination of a stimulating head Marma massage and a deep tissue facial massage that helps to relieve pressure in the jaw area. This treatment has an effect that works to relax the entire body.

Enjoy the added benefits of a deeper more manipulative marma point massage therapy. Marma therapy helps to remove tension and pain that is caused by energetic blockages leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Nasal therapy is a traditional and very effective way of cleansing and clearing the airways and sinus cavities.  The process of administering medicated oils into the nasal cavity relieves Kapha and excess Vata in the head and neck areas.   Highly recommended for headaches, allergies, and other head, neck, ear, and throat problems.

Katti Basti is performed by filling a dam made out of dough and placed on the lumbo-sacral area with lukewarm medicated oil. By bathing the sacrum in warm oil this localized treatment is ideal for relieving and nourishing the lower back. It pacifies one of the primary sites of Vata, relieving pain, soreness, and tension in that area as well as providing a profound sense of relaxation to the entire body.

Karna Purna is the exquisite process of treating the ear by introducing warm sesame oil gently and slowly into the ear canal.  This treatment is an effective way of calming the nervous system.  KP is highly recommended to help settle the nervous system after traveling

Holistic Treatments

A light to medium massage that works to alleviate stress and minor pain

deeper pressured massage that focuses on muscle pain and tension

Stretching and pressure combine in one of the most relaxing and therapeutic massages ever created

Everyone’s skin is different and so all of our facial treatments are customized for your skin type

The Menu of services at Blue Heaven was created to offer our guests life-enhancing treatments based on the principles of Ayurveda. Our Spa Boutique features Shankara products pinpointed for their anti-aging, natural healing properties and ability to balance the skin plus an array of thoughtfully selected gifts and customized gift baskets.

We suggest booking spa appointments and packages in advance of your stay to avoid disappointment. Please note all spa services have a 12 hour cancellation policy, after which a charge of 50% of the service fee will be applied.