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The Wellness Spa in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

Panchakarma Retreats

panchakarma-retreat-nc-ayurvedaExperience an authentic Ayurveda Panchakarma Retreat in a residential setting secluded in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Panchakarma gently, yet thoroughly cleanses your system at a physical, emotional and even spiritual level through an ancient, time-tested regimen of herbs, treatments and diet. An Ancient Wellspring of modern Wellness.

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Ayurveda Wellness Spa

NC Resort and Spa Massage Room

There are spas… and then there is Blue Heaven. Our massage therapists combine ancient and contemporary massage techniques to give you an authentic experience of wellness. At this destination retreat, you can refresh in the cool mountain breeze and relax with the warm flow of pure, organic Shankara oils. Therapists specialize in Ayurvedic and Holistic therapies such as Ahbyanga, Marma, Shirodhara..Discover the Spa

Wellness & Yoga

NC Spa Yoga Wellness
Recharge with an array of wellness programs designed to uplift your spirit and strengthen your body. Yoga retreats, a fitness room and outdoor adventures provide plenty of ways to ..See our Activities

About Blue Heaven
Enjoy and recharge amid the Blue Ridge Mountain splendor. Located in Boone, North Carolina, the day spa offers unique massage treatments, complemented by wonderful hotel rooms and a delightful dining experience. Rooms with picture windows give views of the mountain valleys surrounding the property on both sides. The hotel and restaurant are embedded on an East-facing ridge, letting in the first rays of the sun to greet guests in the morning. Blue Heaven Spa is located on site at the Art of Living Retreat Center, which offers signature classes and spa retreats with dedicated faculty in residence. This center for yoga, meditation and the healing arts offers short and long-term wellness retreats, wellness programs and individual classes for those seeking an authentic rejuvenation experience.